Our Projects

porsche & mustang

Here’s a recap of a GT Mustang that we detailed and removed a lot of scratches out of and a Porsche that we detailed and then put a clear bra onto to be unseeable but yet protect if from any rock chips that may come its way.

Chevy camaro

This Chevy Camaro is not protected with paint protection film on the front end along with Ceramic Pro coating to give this an unbeatable shine and gloss without ever needing to wax again!


Superior protection from the elements, now with even more protection to cover every area of your vehicle.

Tesla model y full xpel wrap & fusion coating

This Tesla Model Y was protected from top to bottom by using XPEL’s Ultimate Plus paint protection film and also topped off with XPEL’s Fusion ceramic coating. Come see why the Tesla community brings their cars to us!

Tesla Paint Protection

Like rock chips, scratches, scuffs? If you do, skip to next video, with XPEL you are protecting your fragile paint against all of that! Wilde Art is WNY’s factory trained and certified installers, don’t trust this process to some kid in their garage.

Twin district FD Tahoe Wrap

When your local FD wants their truck to match the fleet, it’s a simple solution, just wrap it! All the white paint was covered in the same matching colors as the rest of their trucks, reflective stripes to match also.

Hyundai veloster

Here’s an awesome recap of a Hyundai Veloster that we put Xpel’s protective fim and coating on.

Dodge Ceramic Pro

Dodge charger needed some TLC, a full paint correction process to bring it back to new condition then what better way to protect it than with Ceramic Pro! Permanant ceramic coating that will not fade or melt away like traditional wax does.

sprinter van wrap

Full sprinter van wrapped using 3M vinyl & glossy lamination to protect this for years to come, your vehicle is your best source of advertising for any business and we know how to market your company.

ford roush truck Ceramic Pro

When you invest your hard earned money on a truck why would you not protect the paint? The leader in ceramic coatings, Ceramic Pro and we are your only trained and certified installers in WNY.


When you invest your hard earned money you need to protect it the right way. XPEL paint protection film will prevent rocks chips, scuffs, scapes and with it’s self healing technology any light marks and swirls will heal themselves. This AMG was fully wrapped in XPEL’s Stealth PPF which kept the matte paint finish look in tacked, for many years to come this will keep the paint protected like nothing else can!

Wilde Art Auto Detailing

Just a quick video to show you why we are WNY’s go to detail shop, factory trained and certifed by Ceramic Pro & XPEL.